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Getting more comfortable swallowing

My daughter was the fussiest eater when she was younger. It turned out that she had chronic tonsillitis and was having lots of trouble swallowing. Once we got her to an ENT specialist and got her condition reviewed and her tonsils out she started having a much easier time swallowing and actually turned out to be a pretty good eater. There are a lot of symptoms of tonsiltus that can be hard to spot if you don't know what to look for, so I decided to start a blog for other parents to let them know what they should be looking for.



The Different Types of Hearing Loss That Can Be Diagnosed via a Hearing Test

Some people find it hard to consciously realise they are losing their hearing because of a couple of presumptions. First, that it is only associated with congenital diseases in infants or seniors due to ageing. Second, they assume that their hearing abilities would disappear all at once if they were suffering from hearing loss. In truth, hearing loss can affect anybody. Moreover, it can be sudden or gradual depending on the type of hearing loss you have developed. Read More